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Let the games begin:
Paddock Stage6 Tent MK2 + Walls + 2 Chairs + Carpet + Hat & nbsp;
For true racing enthusiasts or teams and drivers we have assembled this complete Stage6 paddock , complete with 2 chairs, environmental mat and fantastic Stage6 cap.
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The Stage6 Paddock Package is; consisting of:
& nbsp;
Paddock Stage6 MK2 3x3m
Stage6 MK2 3x3m paddock curtain walls
Workshop mat / Stage6 MK2 environmental mat
Camping chair type Stage6 Cinema
Camping chair type Stage6 Paddock
Black Stage6 Trucker baseball cap
The Stage6 race tent is; a must for racing teams and riders - as the perfect team base and highly visible meeting point, a haven for tired cyclists, a prying eye protection facility, for the presentation of your custom bikes and of course as weather protection and for storing your equipment. Stage6's professional tent is robust, stable, waterproof and pu & ograve; resist a lot. Pu & ograve; be installed in seconds and disassembled in no time.
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The materials are of high quality; and durable, so that the racing tent can be assembled and disassembled as many times as you want, eg. every weekend. The base area of the tent is 3x3m, or 9m & sup2 ;. The height of the roof is; adjustable from 2.10m to 3.20m, the curtain walls can be removed and can also be ordered separately. So if you just need shelter, leave the walls out. They are attached with Velcro fasteners, so attach and detach them & egrave; child's play.
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The package also includes 2 camping chairs, 1x Cinema type with narrow armrests and 1x Paddock type with armrests and drink holder. Both chairs are strong, light, foldable and easy to store or transport.
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& Egrave; Also included is an environmental mat which is now; mandatory for racing events. The Stage6 MK2 environmental mat meets the minimum dimensions established by the World Motorcycle Federation (FIM - F & eacute; d & eacute; ration Internationale de Motocyclisme): 200x100cm. The quality & agrave; & egrave; excellent, with a 100% polyester fleece and an oil, fuel and chemical resistant black PVC rubber coating on the underside. The mat can & ograve; be rolled up for easy carrying. Pu & ograve; be washed at 30 ° C to preserve bright colors.
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And last but not least, the package includes a Stage6 trucker baseball cap.
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Tent features:
& nbsp;
surface 3x3m (9m & sup2;)
height adjustable from 2 , 12 m to 3.20 m
made of sturdy PU-coated polyester (tensile strength 30 kg / 5 cm)
stable frame in steel rod
< div> pu & ograve; be set up in seconds
weight: 25 kg
Mat features:
& nbsp;
dimensions: 200x100cm
< div> thickness: 5mm
weight: 3.4 kg
capacity; absorption: 0,6 L / m & sup2;
washable at 30 & deg; C
meets the official requirements of the FIM
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