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Crankshaft stroke 47mm / 100mm connecting rod Stage6 R / T 100FL for Malossi C-One / RC-One cases, latest development by Team Stage6 R / T. The crankshaft can & ograve; be mounted with Malossi C-One or RC-One cases!
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The high-end racing crankshaft & egrave; It was clearly designed for racing and to get the maximum power out of the Stage6 R / T FL 100cc cylinder.
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As a central part of the engine, the crankshaft is; an essential element for stability; of an engine, but above all for the optimum transmission of engine power and the resulting power and torque.
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Unlike conventional crankshafts, the lower crank pin of the 'Stage6 R / T shaft & egrave; been sized to 20 mm. The bearing on the eye of the lower connecting rod is; was chosen accordingly pi & ugrave; great. There & ograve; leads to the fact that the pressure of the cheeks & egrave; much more; rigid and the entire crankshaft & egrave; much more; resistant. At peak powers above 40PS and especially in circuit use, a must have (bigger is simply better here).
Obviously, particular attention is paid to this. was also reserved for the design and balancing of the crankshaft, especially in view of its use with the RT100cc cylinder.
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The crankshaft & egrave; produced in Italy with the most & ugrave; high quality standards:
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high-end balancing using six high-density tungsten inserts (17.6 g / cm3) and ultralight connecting rod (less than 80 g)
noticeable power increase at both low and high revs
all Stage6 R / T crankshafts are controlled for oscillation within a maximum of 0.02 mm to minimize vibration
hot-forged shafts in 18 Ni Cr Mo5 case-hardened steel
wire rolling by forming cold (non-cutting) for longer life
heat treatments with controlled HRC (hardness) on shafts and axles
double hardening cycle of the connecting rod, also at controlled hardness
CNC-machined connecting rod with quality control; final parallelism of the holes
perfect surface finish by grinding and lapping for better reliability; with stability 100% dimensional
HQ small size head bearing, silver plated, designed for high speeds
All crankshafts are coated with a heavy layer of oil for protection . They must be thoroughly cleaned with fuel before assembly.
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Crank pin 20 mm x 41 mm
Stroke 47mm
100mm connecting rod (piston pin 12 to 14mm depending on the bearing)
Cranks diameter: 79mm
Weight: 1.8kg
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