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Productor: STAGE6-RD
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The Stage6 R / T FL 100cc muffler is; a racing muffler, developed by the renowned German company specifically its FL 100cc cylinder kit. 0.8mm thin sheet steel, carefully hand welded and produced in Italy. The muffler comes with a high quality carbon silencer. Geometry and volume have been studied to optimally support the Stage6 R / T FL100 cylinder. The exhaust manifold is not; included, as it already does; part of the R / T FL100 cylinder kit. & nbsp;
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This Stage6 R / T exhaust is aimed at ambitious preparers and pilots who want to increase the pi & ugrave; possible the power of their scooter.
Come & egrave; right that it is for a real racing exhaust, this muffler is not; painted or treated. We recommend that you apply a lubricating spray regularly to prevent rusting.
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Please note: To use this Stage6 R / T exhaust FL100 with other FL cylinders, it will be; it is necessary to make or purchase a dedicated manifold
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Developed for the valve timing of the S6 R / T FL100 cylinder kit
Manifold not included
< div> Curved needle (track version)
Carbon silencer
Bracket for mounting on Malossi crankcase
Racing muffler: not homologated
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